Annual Membership

Practice Subscriptions 

In response to the requests of our users, we are setting up a practice purchasing policy. 

Practices with 3 or more users can get access to a 50% discount annually, making the price just £10 per user!

To get started on this, please contact us using the contact details below






Student Membership

FREE student membership is available to students studying a qualifying higher education course. 

Free access to the full service throughout your course. 

Available to qualifying veterinary and veterinary nursing students, Pharmacology and Animal Pharmacology students. Just complete the student registration form when you sign up. 



*PMS integration availability dependant on your PMS supplier.

Privacy Policy

We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any third parties. Registration data will remain confidential at all times. Nothing that can identify a site user will ever be made available to anyone outside of this organization.

Delivery Policy

All of our products are supplied digitally online as a subscription or can be digitally downloaded directly from the internet. We provide annual access to a formulary database via a yearly subscription. Our data is always available using our on-line interface at www.vetformulary.com. All data is delivered for the sole use of the registered individual only. Subscriptions cannot be shared or transferred and are provided on a confidential, individual 12-month subscription basis only.

Cancellation Policy

All users are offered a free introductory trial period. This consists of one-month free access to our database and allows the use of and access to "Formulary Data" via Web App and Smartphone/Tablet Apps when available.  After our free trial period, no refund is provided about data type, quantity or quality. This applies to all subscriptions from one month after the time of registration. 

User access will automatically lapse after 12 months if no further subscription is paid. Should a user subscribe without utilizing the trial period of 1 month, a full refund remains available at any time in the first month following registration, should the user believe that data purchased is inadequate or unsuitable to their needs.

Should a user fail to have adequate access to our data, e.g. due to a failure of a delivery mechanism, for a significant period (48hrs or more), we will, at our discretion, provide a refund of any subscription paid proportionally to the period that access was unavailable. We cannot be responsible for any lack of availability of data caused by actions of the user that are outside of our standard individual registration and annual subscription, e.g. any failure of a user's hardware or the Internet or another service provider, or sharing of a single account between multiple users. 

The Veterinary Publishing Company will respond to any request for a refund within two weeks of a user contact. All requests for a refund should be sent to the registered company address above and should be made in writing.

Contact details 

The Veterinary Publishing Company Ltd: C/O stuart.mcarthur@vetpublishing.com

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